◗ What are your earrings made of?

Our earrings are made of polymer clay, with outsourced brass components and stainless steel nickel free posts.

◗ What is polymer clay?

In short- its a liquid plasticizer. It remains moldable until baked at a low temperature for a specific period of time. Then once cooled it is no longer moldable and keeps its finished shape. 

◗ How do I care for my earrings?

Polymer clay is very durable and lightweight but should still be handled with care. Keep away from moisture and gently wipe with a damp cloth to remove small dirt or debris. 

◗ My earrings won't come clean, help!

From time to time earrings can become stained- this is usually (and in our experience) due to makeup that has rubbed of onto lighter colored earrings. If the above method does not work, please email us so that we can better assist you.  

◗ Do you offer clip on options?

We do! every pair we make is available as a clip on. This includes all of our earrings with a hook or ball post hanging. If you would like an example please email us and we'll happily show you our options. 

◗ I have gauged ears, do you have any way to make adjustments for that?

YEP! We have a few choices for those with gauged ears. All earrings can come with a closed clasp hook so that nothing slips out, or, as one creative person discovered, you may purchase our earrings as is and attach your proper plug size to the back of the post with adhesive (we like Loctite Super Glue Gel)